Publications, exhibitions and exposure of my work


Horizons #130, The Swiss research magazine, "Im Bild" interview. At the heart of the neocortical forest
September 1st 2021, Switzerland

University of Groningen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neurosciences newsletter #120:
From Data Jungles to Brain Cells Forests
December 1st 2020, Netherlands

Science Node: The art of bringing science to life
June 15th 2020, USA


2020, Oct 10th, Antwerp, Belgium
Invited as "free thinker" by artist Cédric Noël for a round table about Data is the new Clay at WIELS. Presentation of scientific visualization and open discussion with the public.

2019, May 22nd, Zürich
ZHDK Science Lunch, talk + 2h workshop for students in scientific visualization

2019, Feb 21st, Renens, CH
3D Thursday, FIXME Fablab

2018, Blender Conference, Amsterdam
The challenges of modern scientific illustration


2021, SNSF Audience Award, best scientific image of all submissions between 2017–2021
2018, AEIMS conference, Antwerp, 2nd prize for professional scientific illustration
2018, EPFL, 2x Aesthetic merit, Seeing Life Science
2017, CODE, Honorable Mention for architectural design competition, Bologna

Management and direction of exhibitions

2018, BBP at Planète Santé, Palexpo, Geneva
2017, Night of the museums, BBP, Campus Biotech
2016, Data Square, ArtLab, EPFL campus, Lausanne

Works featured in exhibitions

2021, SNSF Award, Sihlcity, Zürich
2021, Biel/Bienne Festival of Photography
2020, The Fascinating Brain, Oslo
2020, The Fascinating Brain, Düsseldorf
2019, Meteo Science Performance, Biel/Bienne
2019, The Fascinating Brain, Bundestag, Berlin
2018, Portal, October Gallery, London
2017, Framing [Science] at Zürich Film Festival
2016, Neuronal simulation demo at LG, Seoul
2015, Megamind, Tekniska Museet, Sweden

Artworks featured in publications

2023, Der Pragmaticus Ausgabe 7, Schöner Gedanke
2022, Physics Today 75. Nanoscale up-conversion of infrared to visible light
2021, Cambridge Math Plus, About topology
2021, Bündner Tagbaltt, 29 April, Faszinierende Welt der Wissenschaft,
2020, Sciences & Avenir, n°886, Neuroscience.
2018, Le grand Atlas du cerveau. Glénat Livres.

Visualizations in scientific publications

Contribution to papers listed on Research Gate

Frontiers: A Process for Digitizing and Simulating Biologically Realistic Oligocellular Networks Demonstrated for the Neuro-Glio-Vascular Ensemble, Coggan et al.

CNS: Reconstruction and simulation of a full-scale model of rat hippocampus CA1, Romani et al.

Nature neuroscience, vol 20, issue 7, TOC, Rich cell-type-specific network topology in neocortical microcircuitry, Gal et al.

Nature Nanotechnology, vol 11, issue 2, TOC

Molecular cavity optomechanics [...], Roelli et al.

Frontiers, The Neocortical Microcircuit Collaboration Portal, Markram et al.