VR/AR and related 3D design

Highly realistic biology visualization in 3D/VR [in progress]

For the Laboratory of Artificial and Natural Evolution at the University of Geneva, I'm currently collaborating as engineer and VR/3D artist. I'm creating novel and interactive visualizations of biological data and simulations with ultra realistic and animated reconstructions of animals.

I combine automated data acquisition from microscopy, structure from motion, photometric stereo and motion capture data with 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and animation with latest ML techniques. I'm also working on architectural interior design for collaborative spaces and exhibitions.

Read more about the laboratory and its publications on lanevol.org.

Virtual environment for running robotic simulations

Virtual reality modular training ground for robots for the HBP Neurorobotics platform. The requirement was to have a human environment with a modular part for testing robots in various contexts. In collaboration with Neurorobotics team, we made this virtual world for WebGL to test robots with neuronal simulations.

Furniture from blendswap.com, chocofur.com and grabcad.com

Neurons for a dome VR

Production of a neuronal visualization “From the tuft to the soma” for a large dome – 9m in diameter – in Groningen, Netherlands.

This was a collaboration with visualisation engineer Grigori Chevtchenko.